A Short History Of Rent Boys In Popular Culture

1. David Zanes Rent Boys (DUTCH #6), 1996
2. D&G Spring/Summer 2000
3. DSquared Spring/Summer 2001
4. Dirk Bikkembergs Spring/Summer 2000
5. Raf Simons Spring/Summer 2014
6. Raf Simons/Sterling Ruby Fall/Winter 2014

Before the metrosexual was the boytoy/toyboy. 1996-2000. In tank tops, fringe tops, leather tops, rubber boots. Until Beckham came. Only Hedi and Raf resisted througout. One of them returned to rubber boots.


Sweat And Stains, 2014

or 'Sperm, Spunk And Shit'

Belt Comme des Garçons Homme Plus

Not your average menswear-cum-couture. Debuting their first capsule collection for Spring/Summer 2015, LAZOSCHMIDL approach the post-body fetishism of contemporary art (that is: body liquids). Poop is reconfigured as screenprint artwork and piss is elevated as crystallized stain. Hand-sown, hand-painted, hand-embellished. Shop now!


Apples, Cigarettes etc.

Artworks Roe Ethridge

Hunger for photorealism of photos of realism. Realist photos. Naturalist photos. Outdoor food sex. Exhibitionist fruit, nicotine fruit, the slurp of aphrodisiac.


The Camp Of Plagiarism II

Alex Katz Round Hill, 1977
Steven Meisel An Interpretation, 1997

It is not a secret. For the Spring/Summer 2015 campaign, the newly redefined Loewe brand (directed by J.W. Anderson) is appropriating the work of Steven Meisel, who himself is appropriating a painting by Alex Katz. The truth is never/always sad.

See also Nudist Camp


I Want To Break Free

Queen - I Want To Break Free 1984

A hymn. A song that always reminds me of the work of McDermott & McGough. The reason why it is okay to wear a cow-pattern leotard, pointy tits and sing while vacuum cleaning. The reason why it is okay to be Lady Gaga. And why we should never forget where we are coming from.