Grand Poop

LAZOSCHMIDL Spring/Summer 2015

A collection that follows the storyline of contemporary performance art. Tracking down the fascination of body liquids such as piss, shit, sperm and spunk, the garments turn the perverse universe of Sarah Lucas, Paul McCarthy and Gilbert & George into rich textures and embroidery. Stains are re-interpreted as crystal applications on silk dupion and screenprint on organza. The obscene turns into decadence.


Belated Regrets, And Again

1. Costume National Fall/Winter 2013
2. Rick Owens Spring/Summer 2013

It's too late to apologize. Clog and clog-alikes. Worn with or without socks. Missing something sucks. Luckily, fashion always returns. Some do, others follow, other-others are chasing missed opportunities. With or without socks. Think twice.

Image credits Vogue.co.uk



1. Yrjö Edelmann Fundamental Aspects Of Floating Parcel, 2006
2. Yrjö Edelmann Flashlighted Floated Parcel In Stormy Ocean And Sky, 2007
3. Ed Ruscha Blue Bowling Ball, 1972
4. Ed Ruscha Black And Pink Ball, 1972

Yrjö and Ed. Packages and bowling. Photo-realism and photo-realism. Of things that do not exist. Wafting in the surrealist space of fiction projected onto realist landscapes. It is the summary of the world we live in.


Rub + Rubbing + Clubbing

Maison Martin Margiela Spring/Summer 2015

The most amazing menswear collection that has happened in a long time. And although the Rosso Diesel system has taken ownership, the team around Matthieu Blazy delivers high quality true to the eponymous founder.



Matias Faldbakken Untitled (Plastic Bag), 2010

The artist who seeks to be liked. Because of the awkwardness of the art space, his art and self. 'It's foggy and strange and vague. And ya, that's what I like to be so here I am.'