Lies No. 6, 7, 8, 1

1. Mark Rothko No. 6, 1964
2. Markus Amm Untitled, 2014
3. Mark Rothko No. 7, 1964
4. Markus Amm Untitled, 2014
5. Mark Rothko No. 8, 1964
6. Markus Amm Untitled, 2014
7. Mark Rothko No. 1, 1964
8. Markus Amm Untitled, 2014

Mark and Markus. Oil on canvas. Oil on gasso board. Gradients and emulsion. A poetic re-edition of contemporary colour psychology. An orgy of muddy greens and fermented browns. We are all human after all.


Granularity XII

1. Sequin dress; Dior Pre-Fall 2015 & Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2007
2. Lolita check; Dior Pre-Fall 2015 & Jil Sander Fall/Winter 2010
3. Turtleneck layerism; Dior Pre-Fall 2015 & Jil Sander Fall/Winter 2007
4. Art pattern; Dior Pre-Fall 2015 & Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2011
5. Psycho coat; Dior Pre-Fall 2015 & Jil Sander Fall/Winter 2006

The Raf Sandior universe is a hermeneutic one. And he is still designing for his destiny-fulfilled past at Jil. Now, he is adding the bling that existed only punctually in the perfect and strictly defined German heritage brand. If the Parisian/Japanese decor is truly needed to express Simons' vision has to be observed further.

Image credits Style.com



1. Raf Simons/Sterling Ruby Fall/Winter 2015
2. Prada Fall/Winter 2011

Trompe l'œil sickness and hardcore workwear physicalness. Miuccia Dalí and Raf Sterling. Shopping that turns into investment. Shoes that replace sculpture. Clothes that are painting.


Master & Bate

Hernández Cornet Spring/Summer 2015

There is a feeling of stickiness between your fingers. Your neck is shivering. Your thighs rub against each other. You are thirsty. Before you, there is a woman. She crosses her arms in front of her body, covering her nudity. You tell her to come closer. You lean forward. Two fingers are forming something like a human gun. You reach inside. You are inside.

A soft, erotic physicalness is depicting the future of dressing by Ana Hernández Cornet. Her 'new look' is body-conscious and body-revealing. The idea of clothing is absorbed into slinky bathing suits, string tops and visceral bandeau tops. For Spring/Summer 2015, clothes are best worn by themselves, enjoyed at room temperature (post-ozone), as 1-item-looks, as topless bottoms and/or bottomless tops. A collection of primary sexual characteristics that theoretically and practically climaxes as a Vanessa Beecroft performance of twenty-three women dressed in a nude Lady GaGa clone costume, masturbating in a H.R. Giger spaceship – everything streamed online inside yourself. When you lean forward. Two fingers are forming something like a human gun. You reach inside. You are inside. Hernández Cornet Spring/Summer 2015.


Now & Then XVI

1. Céline Fall/Winter 2014
2. Céline Fall/Winter 2002

What used to be functional mode minimalsim has progressed into decorative mode minimalism. What used to be a thin waist cincher in bronze metallic has turned into a decadent big crystal necklace. What used to be timeless fashion has morphed into fast paced fashion. Only the brown ribbed turleneck dress has remained the exact same.